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Plant Controller

Detalles de Solicitud:


  •  University academic degree in Accounting, Business Administration, Business, or related career
  • Master’s degree Preferably
  •  Minimum 5 years of experience in positions at the managerial level, in companies of technology
  •  Advanced knowledge of the English language
  • Availability to travel                                                                     
  • Competences developed in leadership, focus on results, thinking strategic, teamwork and analytical skills



  • Design cost control systems
  • Plan the organization of the structures for cost implementation
  • keep the register of fixed assets updated
  • Control and account for warehouse movements
  • Direct inventory taking
  • Determine production costs
  • Control Manufacturing results
  • Estadistic control
  • Structure and update the cost accounting chart
  • Guide the movements of income and expenses of the stock cards of raw materials, general articles and finished products
  • Monthly control the inventory survey of the inventories in the manufacturing process
  • Establish the variations between the actual costs and the standard costs
  • Advise management, managers, and plant managers on cost issues related to expansion or closure of factory sectors, new items, modification of work schedules, installation of new machinery, changes in methods or specifications, optimal levels of production, etc
  • Control and administer the budget control system




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